Prospective Web page

Write about your prospective Web page, while answering questions below. Total amount of text should be between 1 and 2 pages. The Assignment is done on Adobe Animate

Upload your file here with the name Web Page Requirements and your name (Ryan T) added to it.

Please write one page answering at least 3 or 4 of the following questions. Questions are as follows: Please upload your 5 plus questions with the answers. a) Identify the elements that you can use on your Web site that would convey to its audience that the site’s content is current. b) Identify the connectivity tools you will use to encourage users to publish or promote your content, and explain how do you use them. c) Identify ways you can promote interactivity at your site. d) Create an appropriate logo/picture line for your site and describe how you will use it in the site’s design (draw it on a paper at a minimum) e) Describe how you plan to use color at your site. f) Write a paragraphs about your site’s topic. g) Describe how you plan to use basic design principles to enhance your site’s usability. h) List ways you plan to make your site accessible.




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