Prosperity and Depression Portfolio Project

What Issues Divided the United States During the 1920s?
The 1920s were a time of rapid changed in the United States. Issues such as prohibition,
women’s rights, immigration, and the new idea of evolution as the driving force of life’s
development divided the country between those pushing for change and those resistant
to it. People debated these issues in books, newspaper articles, classrooms, and
For this portfolio project, you will explore different perspectives on an issue by
researching both sides of the issue. You will then use your findings to create a poem for
two voices.
Poems for two voices are written to be read by two people. Often these poems offer two
sides of the same experience. Usually, the poems are written in two columns, one read
by each person. Words that are spoken at the same time are written on the same line.
Your portfolio assignment has four steps:
• choosing an issue
• researching both sides of the issue
• analyzing your research
• writing a poem for two voices
Step 1: Choosing an Issue
Choose an issue on which to focus your dialogue. Here are some possible issues to
• prohibition
• advancements in production and consumerism
• women’s rights
• immigration
• evolution
• an issue of your own choice

Sample Solution