Protestantism linked to Capitalism

According to Weber, how and/or why was Protestantism linked to Capitalism? Walk me through the logic of how he went from one to the other in his theory.
Use 5 sentences total) in order to do this correctly. 😉

Use your readings to answer this question.
Pick 1 quote from the sections on “charisma” or “charismatic leader” or “charismatic community” that was interesting to you.
Type the quote here (using quotations).
Then, answer the following questions about your quote:
a) what do you think this quote is trying to say?
b) can this quote be applied to modern day? why or why not?
Use at least 5 sentences (total) to answer a) and b)

Analyze yourself from a Weberian perspective.
a) What values, assumptions, and/or perspective do you have on the world that you think probably influence your sociological perspective?
b) How is your sociological perspective influenced by these things? How has it shaped your interests and goals?
Use at least 5 sentences (total) to answer a) and b)

Use details from the lecture to answer the following questions: 🙂
a) What was Weber’s rationale for saying that sociology should not be used as a tool for social change?
b) What do you think about this perspective? Do you agree? Disagree? Both?
Use at least 5 sentences (total) to answer a) and b)

Sample Solution