Psychological Characteristics of Violent Terrorists

Select an individual terrorist and gather information about him or her on the Internet.
Post by Day 3 a response to the following: Give a brief definition of terrorism, focusing on how it is differentiated from other acts of violence.
Identify a specific terrorist and summarize the types of terrorist acts he or she has allegedly engaged in. Compare characteristics of the terrorist to the characteristics summarized in the articles found in the Learning Resources:
Borum (2014): “Vulnerabilities and propensities” of extremists such as “attitudes, dispositions, inclinations, a. intentions (p. 286)”
McCauley, et al. (2013): “Grievance, depression, p8183121 6388 and teamed weapon use outside of the military (p. 1)”
Nizami, et al. (2014). ‘Historical, geopolitical, anthropological and psychosocial factors and forces (p. 335)” Briefly explain the role of the forensic psychology professional in identifying potential terrorists.

Sample Solution