Psychological effects of film or cultural effects of the film


Hello! Here are the requirements for the research paper. It would be nice if you could do a topic on war movies, but is entirely up to your discretion and what you’re comfortable with. I would recommend talking about several movies.

Your research paper should be a minimum of 8 pages, and must be written in MLA format.
Your works cited list is not counted in the page requirements. In other words, if you have the
minimum requirements (8 pages), then your works cited list will be page 9.

You will be required to use at least 4 sources minimum. Your sources must include at least one
of each of the following:
• Article from a scholarly journal
• A book
Overall theme:
Your research paper should focus on either:
1) The psychological effects of film (or film as the reflection of psychological issues).
2) Cultural/ social impact of film
Since we’ve already focused a lot on Gangster and Horror films, I would like you to choose one
of the following topics or one of your own:
• War Movies
• Superhero movies
• Romantic comedies/ “Chick Flicks”
• Science fiction/ futuristic/ dystopic films
• Eastern Influence/ Martial arts films
• Disney
• Focus on a Director’s works: Hitchcock, Polanski, Kubrick, Scorsese, or Lynch
• Representations of race in films
• Representations of gender in film
• Representations of “the other” in film

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