Psychology and Education of the Gifted and Talented

Conduct a selective literature review on ASPECTS of one of the following topics:
(i) Social emotive aspects of giftedness
(ii) Gifted underachievers
(iii) Students who are ‘twice exceptional’ (e.g., gifted but learning disabled)
(iv) Counseling of the gifted in a region or country
(v) Curriculum and instruction of the gifted in a region or country
(vi) Creativity and the gifted and the talented
(vii) Thinking skills for the gifted and talented
(viii) Teaching the gifted in the mixed ability classroom
(ix) Cooperative learning and the gifted
(x) Information technology and gifted education
(xi) Adapting a specific curriculum subject for gifted and talented learners
(xii) Talent development and school environments
(xiii) Special talents and their cultivation
(xiv) Teachers and teacher development for educating the gifted
(xv) Acceleration and the gifted and talented
(xvi) Multiple intelligences and the gifted
(xvii) Assessment and identification of the gifted and talented

Sample Solution