Psychology- child maltreatment

Child maltreatment is worldwide and includes any form of serious harm to a child under age 18; including abuse and neglect (Berger, 2017). The implications for a child’s future can be drastically altered by any
kind of abuse. For this writing assignment use a developmental framework to briefly define child maltreatment, implications of maltreatment, and most importantly what can we do as a society to prevent this.
To check on the indicators of a child’s well-being go to the government Web site and click on the most recent indicators of a child’s well-being. Look at the site carefully, the left has a menu for you
to view the indicators of health and the research figures. To look at some of the statistics of child abuse, go to Child Welfare Information Gateway. Incorporate any information you find from your book to
support/refute what you found online.

Using the following potential implications use a biological, cognitive and social justification: Discuss the implications of maltreatment on peer development. Discuss the implications of maltreatment on cognitive
development. Discuss the implications of maltreatment on physical and perceptual development. Discuss the implications of maltreatment on social and emotional development. (i.e emotional intelligence;
emotional regulation) Describe in detail 5 things you would consciously look for about the well-being of a child new to an early education setting. Include your book as a reference as well. What do you think can
be done to prevent child maltreatment, can we do more than what is being done today? What types of programs do you see as most effective?




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