Psychology DF 3

OpenStax, Psychology. OpenStax. 8 December 2014. <> Brain Dominance After doing your Psychological Investigation (1) on Brain Dominance, did you discover anything new about yourself? Did you always know that you’re a “right/left-brained” person? Or did you find out no one actually uses one side of the brain only (hence the word, ‘Dominance’)? Illustrate how your findings help you understand yourself better. Blame it on the hormones… Not just the girls, but the boys too… y’all agree? smile So, pick one hormone that you think is mostly responsible for your good behaviors; and pick another, that might explain your “bad” behaviors. Cite me some sources where you found what these hormones can be responsible for. (Remember, there is no good or bad hormone – talk about the behaviors after identifying the hormone). Your personal creation If you were to create a “being” to serve your very needs – perhaps, to study for you, to work the chores, or to walk your dog etc. – in other words, your personal servant, what kind of a brain shall this creation have? Using ONLY 5 parts of the brain, list them and explain your choice. Be creative, and give it a name.

Sample Solution