Psychology of Education: Final Essay (Case Scenario)

  1. Identify the method(s) of teaching you used and explain your reasoning.
  2. (a) Identify the theories discussed in the readings that are relevant to understanding the case and discuss how each theory helps you understand how learning happened and/or what made your teaching effective and/or ineffective.

(b) Discuss how each theory helps you understand what could have been done better.

  1. Reflect on what you would do differently if you were to teach the same skill to another person in the future. Include several specific strategies discussed in the textbook that you could use.
  2. Provide 3 research-based recommendations that could be used to promote success for a learner in a similar context in the future. The recommendations should be based on research findings from outside primary sources (i.e., journal research articles). (Do not cite review articles.)

Sample Solution