Psychology question

Reema is one of the best students in your 3rd-grade class. She is very polite, kind, and helpful to others. Recently, you have noticed that she is always tired and showing signs of carelessness. As a result, her performance in your class is suffering. You have not seen any signs of physical abuse on her body.

Last week, she was rude and did not follow your directions. You spoke to her alone. Few days later, she again repeated the behavior and did not complete her assignments. This time, you told her that you have to call her home. She started to cry and said, “Please do not call home, I will do anything you tell me to do. I will put the chairs back, I will pick up all supplies, and sweep the floor. Please, please do not call my parents.” As a new teacher, you have never experienced a student behaving in such a manner.

You met with the school counselor and found out that Reema’s dad is very sick and her family is going through hardship. She has two younger siblings and her mom is working two jobs to support the family. You would like to help Reema.

First, teacher-parent conferences are scheduled 10 days from today. Her parents have signed up to meet with you. What steps would you take in the next 10 days to monitor Reema’s behavior and why? How will you show her that you care and want to help her? What information will you provide to her parents (mom)? Please support your response from readings and videos (cite using APA format).

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