Public Art

1) Select 6 pieces of public art from the chapter, and write an 800 word paper.

1) Define public art – quotes may be used from chapter 25.

2) Public art’s place in the community

3) Thoroughly discuss the 6 public art works

(You may also select public art works from your own

community as part of the 6)

4) Include a jpg or image of each artist’s work. Describe them including title, artist(if given), materials used, relative and approximate size, description of the piece – what it is about and what the artist may have intended.

5) Include your thoughts about how viewing art in “public areas” differs(or not) from going to galleries and museums. This a 800 word paper and worth 70 points.

**This is a 800 word paper to include jpgs of your art selections.

(This paper is worth 70 points out of 800 points for the class)

Sample Solution