Public health discussion

Select a health outcome and analyze that outcome for its determinants and contributing factors, using the method described in Chapter 2 (I have attached the entire book under required source/reference 8.) and other sections of the text (Turnock, 2016). Identify at least two major determinants for the problem that you select. For each determinant, identify at least two direct contributing factors, and for each direct contributing factor, identify at least two indirect contributing factors.
1.Required source/reference
Igbinigie, S. Sneed, S. & Igbinigie, M.(2017).Influence of psychosocial factors on illness behaviors.
2.Required source/reference
Lowe, M., Chen, D. R., & Huang, S. L. (2016). Social and cultural factors affecting maternal health in rural Gambia: An Exploratory qualitative study. PloS one, 11(9), e0163653.

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