Public Relations Campaign


            Starting up a new business if often challenged by the fact that there are other enterprises which have already stabilized in the market. Therefore, it will be difficult to get customers who were already loyal to other brands, to change their minds and shift towards the new business (Hillier, 2012). This paper will feature an analysis of how Coffee House will use a public relations campaign to generate a customer base.


The public relations campaign is expected to result in an increased customer base for the company. To do so, it must increase the public awareness of the company by showcasing the unique offering which are present in Coffee House. In addition, it will also need to convince consumers that these unique products are worth much more than they can receive in the competitor companies.


Different methods will be used to ensure that the said goals are achieved. The message that will be communicated is “Choose Coffee House for unique High Quality Drinks and Snacks”.  Press releases will be used to raise awareness of the company. Here, the company will also take interest in matters affecting the public and make a positive contribution towards it (Hillier, 2012). Therefore, the press releases will not merely be focused on the products, but also on the general activities of the company.

Target Audience

It is important to determine who the audience are in this situation. As most individuals who tend to visit Coffee Houses are working individuals, this campaign will focus on them.

Target Media

To advertise the message, social media will be used. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter will be used to trigger a viral campaign. These are the sites which most popular.


Hillier, A. (2012). How to create an effective campaign. Third Sector, (722), 24-25.