Qualitative Research Workshop

In this week’s Workshop, visit your unique thread and carefully review how your research problem and purpose have evolved and what you have
learned about the different approaches.

Post a response to the following prompts:
Present your research question as two or three versions, based on the different approaches you have explored that seem most appropriate to your
research problem and purpose.
Make a case for why each approach would work.
Identify the approach you believe best fits your research question. Then, re-formulate the question based on the approach you selected.
Describe how the approach you selected will direct the procedures you will later develop.
Summarize your choice of theoretical framework for your prospectus. Justify how your choice aligns with your current choice of research question and
approach. If they are not aligned, choose a more appropriate framework.
Given your choice of approach, describe what data collection tools will be most appropriate to consider. Note: This is not a commitment to use all of
the tools you identify; rather, it is meant to be a reflection on what is possible given your choice of approach.

Sample Solution