Quality and coherence of an argument made within a debate.

Complete a portfolio of work for this module, made up of 6 different tasks. Details of all the individual elements can be found on the NOW module page – under Content > Assessment Information > Portfolio Tasks. There is a set word limit for each task which you are required to adhere to.
Assessment criteria
The criteria we will use to mark/grade your work, made clear to you in advance:
The standard NTU grading scheme will be used as the grading framework. The specific criteria for this assignment are as follows:

  1. Evaluate the quality and coherence of an argument made within a debate.
  2. Appraise the evidence used within debates, in supporting or challenging an argument.
  3. Reflect on your experience of constructing or defending an argument and using evidence, and your experience within this module.
  4. Applying psychological knowledge to real world events and problems.
  5. Evaluate presentations, such as research seminars, external talks, etc.
  6. General engagement in the module, including attendance and taking part in debates.

Sample Solution