Quality Improvement poster

Create a poster for a presentation about a quality improvement (QI) project or plan that builds on the work you completed in the first two assessments. Include an abstract of 100–250 words about the QI plan and key information in your poster.

The assessment will be built around creating a professional and compelling poster to present a quality improvement project that may have grown out of your change initiative in the second assessment.
• Who will be the primary audience of your poster? Who might be the wider, or outreach, audience that will be relevant to consider when creating your poster?
o What details or information will be most important and compelling to your audiences?
o How might you craft the design of your poster so that it better speaks to your audiences?
• What steps might a nurse take to implement best practice changes in a care setting while respecting the multidisciplinary team?
o What does each member bring to the care of the client or community?
o How might recognizing the contributions of the multidisciplinary team help build buy-in or collaboration?
o Why is buy-in important to the success of a quality improvement project?





Sample Solution