Quality Management Systems

Calculate the simple Takt Time (in Seconds) that is needed to achieve the customers demand from this particular cell. This means, how many seconds do they have in order to make one pipe with the available time they have in both shifts combined. We can look at it several different ways really but this is the way I want you to calculate it. This again is a simple Takt time. It does not take into account changing over to a different pipe number (because there are 4 different pipes which one of each is needed in the final unit).

Upload your answer, in seconds, and show your work. This can be done by hand and a photo uploaded, you can type in your calculation, etc. Remember,

Takt Time = Available time for production/ Customer Demand

You will find the example to use in the Standardized Work Diagram powerpoint and PDF below.

I have videos might help:

Sample Solution