Quality Metrics.

Describe a personal experience they have had where excellent quality healthcare was provided. This experience may have been as a patient, customer, provider, or an employee. Students will analyze the factors that made this an excellent quality experience and will describe the influence healthcare leadership had or could have had, on the experience. Students should demonstrate a link between the healthcare leadership actions and leadership theory. APA formatting and a minimum of 5 professional references are required To understand, use, and communicate quality metrics, managers must be able to differentiate between types of metrics and their respective characteristics. Various metrics are associated with quality measurement in three areas – research, improvement, and accountability. In this 5-7 page APA formatted paper, students will analyze 3-4 healthcare quality metrics and describe how and when each metric is useful in guiding decision making. Students should include examples and clearly, link statements to research. A minimum of 5 professional references is required.



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