Quality Program

Quality programs require alignment between the written curriculum, implementation (taught curriculum), and
(student) assessment. In developing a process to evaluate the quality of instruction at your school based on
this alignment, these tasks must be considered:Conducting an analysis to determine curriculum alignment
within and across grade levels/programs Helping teachers use data and other test reports to improve
instruction Enhancing teacher planning and instruction to improve the taught curriculum Incorporating data
to evaluate the institution’s program of studies and written curriculum Improving effective supervision From
the list above: a.Select two of the tasks and provide a concise review of research to analyze and synthesize
best instructional practices to meet that task. b.Design and defend a study that can applied to gather data so
that you can effectively make improvement in meeting these two tasks as your institution. Include the following:
i.Problem Statement ii.Purpose Statement iii.Research Questions iv.Appropriate Research Methodology v.Data
Collection Methods vi.Data Analysis Methods Student Learning Outcomes addressed in Question 2: 9.
Demonstrate an ability to identify research questions and problems based on significant issues in the field 10.
Demonstrate an ability to collect, organize, analyze, and interpret data within an appropriate theoretical
framework 11. Demonstrate an ability to relate research findings and conclusions to the knowledge base in the
field. 12. Demonstrate ability to present research in the form of papers and publications at graduate seminars
and/or professional meetings at the local, regional, national, or international

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