Questions about juvenile delinquency

Paper will consist of an 6-8-page paper answering a question that you ask about juvenile delinquency. The first step is to select a question that can be answered using empirical research. Once you have done so, you will want to find and read research that can help answer the question you ask. Your paper should be 6-8 pages long (not including the cover page or references), and it should answer a question that you ask about juvenile delinquency. How to develop a question: What interests you from this course? What do you want to spend a significant amount of time reading and writing about? That is how you start to develop a question. A good question begins with a “wh-“ or “how” stem, as it can lead to a more complex and interesting answer than a question that can be answered with a “yes” or a “no.” In addition, a good question is clear; each word is easily understood. Finally, a good question is answerable using research. Here are some examples of appropriate questions. What are the consequences of transferring youth to adult court? What is the most effective intervention strategy for youth who are in gangs? How do youth form their attitudes about the police? How do neighborhoods influence juvenile delinquency? Why do most youth desist from delinquency by early adulthood? How does brain development make youth susceptible to delinquency? How are youth competent or incompetent to make legal decisions in the juvenile justice system? What are issues of measurement in understanding how many youths engage in delinquency? How are youth susceptible to police investigations and interrogations? How does disproportionate minority contact influence the juvenile justice system? How well can the juvenile justice system predict who will desist and who will persist in juvenile delinquency? What factors predict persistence in juvenile offending, leading to adult criminal behavior? How does childhood victimization relate to juvenile delinquency? What are the effects of bullying on juvenile delinquency? Once again – this is not a comprehensive list – just a starting point to get you interested in thinking about what you might want to ask and answer.



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