Questions from books

In simple language, answer the questions pertaining to each of the several stories in the book 50 Essays.

3) In “On Compassion,” pages 40-42, Discuss Aschers encounters with the homeless Where does compassion come from? Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your opinion.
4) In “Just Walk on By Black Men and Public,” pages 339-342, How does Staples see himself, and how is this different from how he is seen by others?
5)In “Notes of a Native Son,” pages 44-64, What does this essay tell you about Baldwin’s relationship with his father? How does Baldwin’s views of his father change after his father’s death?
6)In “Learning to Read,” pages 240-249, How did Malcolm learn to read? What else did he teach himself? How do you react to Malcolm’s claims about African history?
7) In “Learning to Read and Write,” pages 125-130, What are the pleasurable and painful things Douglass learns through his education?
8) In “How It Feels to Be Colored Me,” pages 188-192, Discuss of Hurston uses her imagination to describe her white neighbor, her jazz club experiences, etc. Do you relate to what she is saying?