R Studio

  • BY using R studio to create Summary tables of Pm 2.5 concentration by two seasons (Fire seasons and no fire seasons) of each year (2016 to 2018)
  • and Summary statistics 12 – March

Methods: Describe the methods undertaken. include the overall approach to the problem and the specific methods used to accomplish project objectives, a description of the target audience
-Results: Describe the final result of the project. like review of the literature, In other cases (e.g., training manual), the final project will be placed in an Appendix and should simply be described in this section.

  • Discussion and Conclusions:Describe what this project has done and how it advances the sector. What were the study’s conclusions? How does it influence policy in this field of research? In what ways will this project help public health? What were the project’s limitations? What are your plans for the future? This section is crucial no matter what kind of project you’re working on. It’s an opportunity to prove how much you know about the project and how creative you are.

Sample Solution