Race and Punishment Entry Specific Directions:

Relate the following questions to either the enforcement of African Americans OR Latino immigrants.

  1. Briefly summarize Feagan’s theory of Systemic Racism and Bonilla-Silva’s theory of “colorblindness”.
  2. Make an argument stating whether or not systemic racism and/ or colorblindness is prevalent in the criminal justice system. a. Use three examples from the readings and documentary to support your argument. b. Name two flaws with your argument and provide evidence (or raise doubt about any evidence presented) that can potentially be used to challenge your argument.
  3. Give an example of a punishment. a. Describe how the punishment was discussed in theory and how it was enforced in practice.
  4. How does the punishment you chose affect (African Americans or Latinos)? a. Are (African Americans or Latinos) disproportionately affected compared to other groups? b. Has this punishment affected the individual rights, family networks, and communities of the group you chose in a positive or negative way? Explain. 5. Did the material challenge or support any preconceived assumptions you had? Explain.

Sample Solution