Rankine Steam Cycle

Part C:Rankine Steam Circuit

For the steam cycle, consider that heat input is by conventional means and that the cycle makes use of regeneration.

The following assumptions can be made:

Ignore the deaerator and recirculation part of the diagram and assume that a mass flow rate of 155.849 kg/s is the boiler feed.
Pressure after boiler feed pump is 99.768 bar.
All other data for turbines as stated in diagram.
Bleed extracted immediately after HP turbine at 5.8196 bar.
Pressure loss of the bleed used for regeneration is the same as that for the deaerator bleed in the original circuit.
There is a small amount of reheat to achieve LP turbine inlet enthalpy conditions.
Apply ‘pump work’ to find enthalpy after a feed pump.

bleed fraction,
heat input,
net work,
steam cycle thermal efficiency.

Sample Solution