Rasa, Kutiyattam Concept Apply in Plautus, Pseudolus

1.Review the following readings:
Plautus, Pseudolus; Zarrilli et al., “Indian Literary and Commemorative Drama and Theatre”; Bhasa,
Urubhangam (The Shattered Thigh); podcast, “Learning about Kutiyattam with Dr. Erin Mee”. And also some
examples of my colleagues so that you can observe but not copy. Then you will end up in a better job.
2.Here are the questions for the assignment: With your understanding of the process and goal of creating the
rasa experience in a Kutiyattam or Indian performance, how would you apply the Indian concept to stage
Plautus’s Pseudolus?

  1. Use one document with images (4 or 3 images) to explain the project and then explain your idea.
    First you have to know, The rasa experience in Kutiyattam Theatre is really translated as taste it give to the
    audience a taste or evoke a center of filling from the characters and I am going to applying the Rasa
    experience to the characters in the play Pseudolus choosing 4 or 3 characters and explain a similitude. Maybe:
    Rasa or Kutiyattam Costume, Expression, etc.
    4.Then, You have to explain your answers. I am sending you examples of my classmates, you have to check
    them but no copy it please

Sample Solution