Reason why I want to attend the school of Social work/ the reason for low GPA

The Garland School of Social Work is seeking students who have a desire to make a lasting impact and have demonstrated potential for success in graduate studies. As part of your MSW application, you are required to submit a 4-5 page essay. Your essay should include the four headings below and address all questions within each heading. Responses for each heading should be no more than 500 words. This essay is an opportunity to highlight your strengths and motivation for pursuing social work.

In your own words, explain your understanding of the social work profession.
Describe the personal characteristics that equip you for this field.
Thoroughly outline the professional and personal experiences that have inspired you to pursue social work.

Advocating for Others
The field of social work is about recognizing social injustices and working to eliminate barriers often faced by underrepresented populations.

Sample Solution