Reasons for performing tests in strength and conditioning programs.

  1. Identify and explain the reasons for performing tests in strength and conditioning programs.
  2. Explain test validity and test reliability and how to ensure both in your testing. Discuss the validity and reliability of the tests you conducted in Lab 1 – Anaerobic Capacity Testing, Lab 2 – Aerobic Capacity Testing and Lab 3 – Anthropometry and Body Composition Testing.
  3. Discuss the key points essential to administering test protocols properly and safely.
  4. Describe how a coach can determine the best ways to measure selected parameters related to athletic performance. Discuss your rationale for the three tests you selected in Lab 4 – Exercise Testing for Athletes. Explain why you selected the tests you did, and what the appropriate order would be for the selected tests.
  5. Using your results from Lab 7 – Muscular Strength and Power: Vertical Jump and Standing Long Jump describe how to evaluate and analyze test data to make valid normative comparisons.

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