Recommendation report

Congratulations! You are the urban regional manager of ProFlowers, a floral service that delivers flowers and plants across the country from orders placed online. Our center is responsible for deliveries to the greater Phoenix area, which includes the entire valley.
Business is good, but sadly, our fleet of delivery vehicles is showing its age, and upper management has decided it’s time to do something about this. Guess who was put in charge of researching our options and making a recommendation? 😀
Using a combination of research and imaginative fiction, you need to determine what the best course of action is for our delivery fleet. Should we continue to maintain/repair our existing trucks/vans, or buy new? A combination of the two? What sort of vehicle might best suit our needs (a small van, a larger van, a covered pickup truck? Could we use drones??)? What would it cost to implement? Finally, what is your recommendation?


























Sample Solution