Recovering the creature

  1. Read Walker Percy’s “Loss of the Creature,” which has been posted on Canvas. 2. Draft an opening paragraph that summarizes Percy’s main arguments. What does it mean that “the creature” has been lost? What is the creature? Why is it important? 3. Draft a second paragraph that develops Percy’s ideas. This article, after all, was written in 1954. How might have things changed since the article’s publication? 4. Spend a full day attempting to recover “the creature.” What this means and how you accomplish this is for you to determine on your own. 5. Draft a third and final section that vividly describes your attempt. Were you able to recover your “creatureness”? Is such a thing even possible today? Did you find the “creature” to be as important as Percy seems to suggest? Grading Criteria • Style (to-bes, punctuation, gamish) – Comprehension of Percy’s Claims • Development of his ideas • Effort and creativity




Sample Solution