This Experimet is about Redox Reaction. I need to find the graph of First and second derivative Graph. once you find the First and second derivative we can used the values to solved the table. I have attached all the information our professor did step by step and also, how to find the First and second derivative graph. all you need is excel graph and some calculation to the experiment for the table. Professor want us to show her any formula we use to solve any problem especially the table is the one to do once you do the graph. for example ( 2×2+4) = 8. I need prove to her how I get 8, I will write like 2×2= 4 and 4+4 = 8 something like that. I upload the file you need. The raw data and the calculation table. Also the table for graph.
I took a green shot mack pro for the Raw data values and the table values for trial 1,2,3. I arranged them in ascending order in my screen shot. also, if you have any question let me know I have Anatomy midterm tomorrow I could not attempt this experiment. The calculation table in the experiment begins with finding the Endpoint, mL

I need graphs and tables, no introduction, please.

Sample Solution