Reducing population growth

Reducing population growth is a rather controversial topic. Many different solutions have been proposed to help reduce population growth to help save the environment. Research different ideas to reduce population growth. Choose three options you found that you think would be the best options to reduce population growth in the United States. Compose an argumentative paper to describe the solutions and why you think they are the best options for the United States. In the paper you should:

Summarize the problem with human population growth in the United States.
Present the three options you think would be good to help reduce population growth in the United States and describe why they would be good options. How will their impact be beneficial for the environment?
For each of your options, present an opposing view and then describe why that view is not valid.
Design a test to assess the solution you think may be the best. First provide your hypothesis presented in the following format: If this happens/is controlled this way, this will be observed. Describe how data would be gathered and then the expected results.

Sample Solution