1) After reviewing the information on criminology and the four (4) schools of criminology, discuss and give an example of how each will influence your
selected criminal justice career.
Watch the video: “An insider’s plan for rehabilitating the juvenile justice system, Jeff Wallace” located at
Then use the case you chose last week for the Week 7 discussion from the PBS cases located at discuss how you believe Wallace’s recommendations could have helped
rehabilitate the juvenile featured before they were sentenced as an adult.
3)How will issues in the corrections system affect you as a criminal justice professional? What aspects of the corrections system will be most
important for you to be knowledgeable of when interacting with other agencies, colleagues, or citizens?
4)Imagine you are at an interview for a new job. During the interview, you are asked several questions and then asked if you have any questions of
the interviewers. (It is said that you should never leave an interview without asking at least one question of your interviewers!) Read the questions
below and answer them as if you were in an interview:
How do you handle conflict with co-workers?
What is your greatest strength and what is your greatest weakness?
What questions do you have for us?
Lastly in this reflection, discuss any fears you have of interviewing for a future position. Use this opportunity to ask your professor for guidance or
resources that might be beneficial to you as you begin to prepare for your future career.

Sample Solution