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I am interested in becoming a statistician
The median salary for statisticians, according to the dataset, is $122,000.
The mean salary is $123,901, while the median salary is $122,000. Based on this result, the mean is a better
measure of central tendency for salary than the mean because of two main reasons. Firstly, the median is not
significantly changed or affected by the existence of one outlier, unlike in the case of mean. Secondly, the
mean results in a salary that no one is earning. No statistician is earning a salary of $123,901 in the data set
while one person earns a salary of $122,000.
To find the first and third quartiles, we calculate the median of the lower and upper half of the set of data. Since
these new smaller sets have an odd number of elements, the 1st quarter is the fourth value, while the 3rd
quartile is the 12th value. The first quartile is $111,200, while the third quartile is $142,520.
The mode would be the best choice as the measure of central tendency when dealing with nominal data or
variables. It can be used in situations where categorical data is involved because such data cannot be ordered.
The mode is crucial in determine

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