Reflection Essay

What have you learned about solutions to Sustainability? How can sustainability concepts and ecological economic concepts help us understand problems and solution? What do you see as the most difficult barriers to Sustainability be? How can diversity of perspectives and knowledge help society meet Sustainability Challenges? 1C. Custom Curriculum Readings. reading, “Upcycle” by William McDonough, Michael Braungart . What did you find of interest and why? What is your final takeaway from the readings you did? Demonstrate an understanding of the perspectives and knowledge from the author perspective. 3C. Sustainability Meta-Competencies (Five) (Engle et al. on Bb). [System Thinking, Temporal Thinking, Interpersonal Literacy, Ethical Literacy, Creativity/Imagination.] What Sustainability Meta-Competencies have been most important for you? Which ones improved and how? Which Meta-Competencies would you like to improve in the future, and why? 3A. Sustainability Council. Imagine that you were appointed to be on the Sustainability Council of your workplace, community, college, or other organization. i. What initiative(s) would you want to lead? What barriers might you face and how would you attempt to overcome them? ii. What sustainability meta-competencies would you need to draw on to be effective and why? Which ones would you need to develop to be more effective? Sustainability Meta-Competencies



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