Reflection of a quote

Find ONE quote per reading that really resonates with you. Share the quote you have picked, along with a
short reflection on why that quote resonated with you.
last time you did my assignment. I provided the format of this assignment at the bottom. my professor wants us
write the quote then write the short reflection.
Thank you
” Roughly seven in ten also complained that” the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.” ( Alperovitz 16)
According to this statement, more than half of the people surveyed protest about unfairness. They also
recognized that the majority of people who are not born into the 1-2 % elite won’t be able to acquire riches as
the rich does. The article suggests a progressive program that fix and improve Social Security, and that it can
also improve the healthcare and college tuition; which can change the outcome of generations. Students would
be able to get educated without debt and increase a person’s income. Maybe then one could have a chance to
thrive in this country.

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