Reflection paper

What would you do if you are one of the last ten people on Earth?
A huge catastrophe led to ten survivors trying to restore civilization, and I was one of them. Panic came rushing
through my mind when I realized what occurred. At that moment I had to collect my thoughts and calm myself
down. I started to make plans, set my priorities straight and think of ways to restore civilization for future
generations. I started off by gathering all the survivors for a meeting. I felt like I had to be the one to calm them
down, keeping in mind that we all have lost our loved ones. I started by asking them if they wanted to help build
shelter to keep safe from the wondrous creatures roaming the Earth. The oldest one among the 10 survivors
was me. I knew I had to take charge in order to survive, since throughout my life I’ve been known to be the
responsible one in most situations. Therefore, I decided to gather everyone in order to ensure that a clear goal
is set, since having a clear goal sets a common ground for everyone which results in unity. I focused on
gathering survivors, restoring civilization for future generations, and assigning everyone with a task to do.

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