Reflective Course

Following questions: 1. Reflect on how this course has changed your craft (how you teach) 2. Reflect on information or activities provided in this course that have increased your knowledge regarding how to teach students who are deaf or hard of hearing. This should be in addition to the information you provided in response to question #1 and be specific to teaching students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing. 3. I realize that we covered a bunch of material (different books) in a very short time. My goal was to introduce you to the concepts so that you can continue to learn about the topics, theories, teaching strategies, etc. that resonate with you.

In your opinion –
• Would it be more beneficial to you for us to focus on and discuss one book more deeply than covering all of them in one semester? Make Just One Change, Making Thinking Visible, and Getting to Got It! • Which book or books do you think should be included in the course?
(If you do not think any of the books should be included, feel free to let me know)

Sample Solution