Rehabilitation and assertive Engineering

(a) Provide a title of proposal.
(b) Describe the background and the significance of the clinical need identified which the solution intends to fill.
(c) Evaluate the current solutions and their shortcomings.
(d) Formulate what is needed to address the problem.
(e) Discuss the requirements of proposed solution. [BME 315] Tutor-Marked Assignment SINGAPORE UNIVERSITY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES (SUSS) Page 4 of 4 Question 3 (50 marks) Description of the invention The invention has to be described by answering the following questions. Keep the write-up not more than 1,500 words.
(a) Examine and describe the need and rationale of developing the proposed solution. (10 marks)
(b) Describe the methods/approach and components of the solution, and how it works. (20 marks)
(c) Indicate direct competitors. How is the proposed solution better than existing technologies/product/service? (10 marks) (d) Identify the value proposition of the proposed solution. Demonstrate how the proposed solution will benefit and be accepted by the various stakeholders (users, service providers/clinicians). This can be from both clinical and economical perspectives. (10 marks) Question 4 (20 marks) Intellectual property management This section is to articulate a clear intellectual property (IP) plan going forward with the ultimate objective of generating and enhancing the IP. Keep the write-up to no more 500 words. (a) Provide the relevant background IP for the proposed solution. (b) Briefly describe any possibility of IP generated from the solution. (c) Briefly describe how the IP is filed. List of references END OF TMA

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