Rejection Region

Imagine you have a lot of patients who Google their symptoms before coming into the office. I just did it yesterday because I’ve been
having pain in my hand and fingers. Didn’t want to make an appointment if I was on track with thinking it’s my carpal tunnel giving me fits lol. If it gets
worse, I would definitely go to the doctor because it could be something else. As you progress through your program, you will learn more about
research in the medical field and how it can be helpful in decision making. What do you think of the following article where Govani and Higgins (2012)
wrote about the ways to read and interpret medical research. How could you apply these techniques to your friends or patients so they know if the
article is reliable? Do you think they would understand how to interpret the analysis?
Govani, S. and Higgins, P. (2012 Apr) How to Read a Clinical Trial Paper. Retrieved from

Sample Solution