Relationship between cosmology and architecture before the renaissance

The paper should be a detailed review of the relationship between cosmology and architecture before the renaissance, specially BCE.
-The main sources should be “A History of Architecture: Settings and Rituals- by Spiro Kostof’, “A Global History of Architecture-by Mark M. Jarzombek”, and scholarly articles and books
-The focus is mainly on architecture, its omaments, and structures.
-The comparison/relation must focus on regions and religions, and if necessary, on timeline.
-Some examples MAY be:
Greek Architecture,
Roman Architecture,
Indian Architecture,
Islamic Architecture,
Mesoamerican Architecture,
Chinese Architecture
-For each example above, at least one known building should be provided.
-This paper may conclude with proposing a theory on “we still build based on cosmology, although contemporary architecture lacks ornaments, however, in structures, sun’s movement is included”.

Sample Solution