Relationship Building – Collaboration

In Week 4, you created your Group Project Plan and began working on your common goal. This week, you’ll analyze and reflect on the collaborative process.

Criteria for Success: In this assignment, you will:
Provide clear and comprehensive documentation of the common measurable goal the team has completed.
Describe team process, including each person’s role and responsibilities and how these were established.
Identify collaborative tools (or potential tools used) and explain how they supported (or would support) work towards a common goal, with specific
Describe 2–3 effective collaborative approaches and how they were used by the group to accomplish the team’s goal, including concrete examples.
Describe challenges and opportunities for improvement in collaborative teamwork, including specific examples.
What to submit/deliverables: A completed Reflection on Collaborative Strategies in Meeting a Common Goal.

What is the value of doing this assignment? This assignment gives you the opportunity to practice your relationship building skill, further developing your interpersonal interactions and collaboration techniques. It will show that you can collaborate with others to resolve a

problem and work toward a common goal.

Sample Solution