Religion of ancient Egyptian

Answer the following questions in e separate essays , each one should be about 2 and half pages long. I will be providing you with the readings . you can find additional readings above the readings i gave you, but you will need to use at least 5 texts from the documents i provided. To receive full credit , you should cite and analyze the documents you have chosen as well as put yours answer in its full historical and cultural context. You will also need to provide me either the picture of the part you chose to analyze or you have to copy and paste the part you are analyzing so i know which exact part you are analyzing. the professor is also asking for the details of the part that i will be analyzing.
PLEASE NOTE that you can only choose the original Egyptian documents like translated coffin texts, pyramid texts. you may also use photos of coffins or pictures of ancient Egyptians arts as long as it could help you answer the questions. But the sources you use CANNOT be written by modern people… it can only be written or made by ancient Egyptian ( its okay if its translated by modem people ).
1..Are Maat and magic compatible or incompatible ? How did magicians whether living or human, uphold or oppose maat? 2. Describe the religions aspects of the nature and the role of the Pharaoh in Egyptian society? Do these roles and nature change through time?

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