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Assume you are the Director of Human Resources. An employee advises you that another employee approached them while they were working on the assembly line and asked them to sign a Union Authorization card. The employees tell you that they refused to sign the card, and were annoyed that the employees bothered them while they were working. Both employees were on the clock and were in the work area. What should you do if the Company has a “no solicitation” rule banning any solicitation during the working hours in working areas?
If an employee came to me telling me that other employees are approaching them while working on the assembly line and asking them to sign a Union Authorization card I would be concerned. The employees have every right to unionize but there are limitations as to when and where. They have the right to unionize at work but it is to be limited to nonworking time. This could be handled at lunch time, during a break, or before/after work. I think in order to handle this properly, I as a manager should talk face to face with the employee trying to unionize. I would be sure to tell them that it is there right to do so but because of the “no solicitation” rule I would have to ask that they did so at appropriate times. In terms of discipline I would most likely make a note of it in their file and explain that action will be taken if it happens again (write up, send them home early only paying the hours they worked, or a day suspension without pay in the future).
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