Research Analysis

• choosen research focus is 🙁 inquiry into the role of classroom mathematical dialogue in a primary school) . The purpose is not about assessing learning or measuring understanding. It is more meaningful than that. We want you to bring to life the students’ thinking and their grasp of the learning focus. This will involve exploring the student perspective. It might be an area of student understanding which you have found professionally challenging in your own classroom.
Project details
Please provide a brief description of the research project and its aims.
What types of data will be generated/used and how will this be obtained (e.g. observation, interview, questionnaire, document analysis, systematic literature review, use of publicly available data, auto-ethnography )?
In which country/countries will the research take place?

If any of your research is to be conducted outside the UK you will need to follow local ethical requirements. If applicable, please confirm your understanding of these local requirements. NA
Will the research take place in an educational institution (e.g. a school or university), counselling service or other organisation?

Data generating activities involving other organizations may only be carried out with the agreement of the head of the organization, or an authorized representative, and after adequate notice has been given.

Sample Solution