Research Methods and Design Field Project

Part I Preparation Instructions:

  1. Compose your Research Proposal in Microsoft Word or a compatible word processing application.
  2. The paper should be formatted and typed using Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced, and
    one-inch margins (no exceptions).
  3. The length of the paper should be at least 1 to 2 pages (page number does not include the title page or
    references pages).
  4. Use APA 6th edition formatting.
    Part I Content Instructions:
  5. Select a problem a problem to address for the field project. When selecting a project, make sure you
    have a clear understanding of the research problem(s) at hand, a realization of the organizational
    constraints for dealing with such a problem (including time and budgetary restrictions), and an
    understanding of how the information provided by your research will facilitate decision making. In your
    research proposal, provide an identification of the problem, justification for why this problem is
    important to address, what the expected benefits of addressing the problem will be to key stakeholders,
    what method of design you plan to use, where you will collect data (if using primary data) or where the
    data will be found (if using secondary data).

Sample Solution