Research paper

I’m working on a Geography case study and need a sample draft to help me study.

The paper will consist of a comparison of two non-Industrial societies (e.g., two 4th World groups; we will discuss this process at some length in class). You are required to find two “Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology” from the library and compare and contract them following the general outline provided below. If you do not find a good case study in the USD library, search the SDSU library catalog and order what you want from the “circuit” (ask a librarian if you need to). It is possible to find two such societies using the eHARF files in the library (see below). The paper must be at least 10 pages long and additional scholarly references (not Wikipedia or encyclopedias) may also be included.

Note: I already have a proposal paper which sets the basis for this essay. Meaning that I compared them briefly and you will have to use the same societies, resources, references, and everything in order to do this essay properly. I will attach it as a pdf.

In case needed, eHARF, you should use this link:

Sample Solution