Research Project Proposal

All the information will be put in “Requirement” document This is part of assignment requirement: This assignment is to create a 3 page (or 1,500 words) single-spaced, cited, research project proposal. Include at least two primary sources and six secondary sources.(I can provide primary sources and secondary sources In order to complete this assignment, read the “Instructions 2019IntellectualVirtue” (I will provide this document).Several links to models of research proposals are embedded in the Instructions(check additional materials). I want to study the relationship between war and the economy, the so-called war economy. The specific target is Japan and Germany during World War II. We know that serious economic crisis is an important reason for pushing Japan and Germany to war. I want to know how the economic recession is pushing a country to war? And what kind of impact will war have on a country? I will use economic models to derive the quantitative relationship between economic crisis and war.

Sample Solution