Incorporate best practices of the research method used and give the rationale for each step in the protocol.

Create a research protocol by writing a paragraph or two for each section below providing the required information.

1. Proposed Title to Accurately Describe the Research Study
2. Background of the Problem and Rationale
• What is the general problem?
• What is the specific problem?
• What are the research questions?

3. Conceptual Framework
• What is the conceptual framework for this study?
• What are the relevant concepts the reader needs to understand?

4. Objectives
• What are the objectives of your study?

5. Study Setting
• What is the proposed study setting?
• What permissions do you need to get to use the proposed study setting?
• Give an overview of the study design and its relevance to the study setting.

6. Methods
• What is the method/design for the study?
• What type of data points do you need to collect?
• How will you triangulate the study?

7. Data management and Analysis
• How will you collect and handle the data to ensure confidentiality?
• How will you manage the data to ensure safekeeping?
• How will the data be analyzed?

8. Ethics, Bias, and Reliability
• How will research participants be protected?
• How will you report potential biases that you have that could impact the research?
• What steps will you take to ensure reliability?




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