Research Study

Introduce a research problem or question.
Include a thesis statement that identifies the purpose of conducting the research study.
Encapsulate the impact of the conduct of the study.
Literature Review
In this section, you will

Provide the body of knowledge that previous researchers have generated.
Describe how your research builds upon the base of knowledge already in existence.
Explanation of Data Sets
In this section, you must

You must explain where your data were originated.
Identify and specifically define the data set being used, its origin(s), and its composition.
Southern Poverty Law Center (
Anti-Defamation League (
Bureau of Justice Statistics (
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics (
Federal Bureau of Investigation (
Data can be acquired from a variety of sources. The sites listed below are excellent sources from which to obtain secondary data.
Explain why this particular data set was chosen.
Identify particular strengths and weaknesses of the set.
Arrangement of Data
In this section, you must detail the manner in which you arranged the data set so as to permit analysis and inference. Particularly in the case of a methodological approach applying quantitative principles, you are encouraged to use charts and graphs to explain your data arrangement. Specifically, you must

Explain the methodologies and statistical techniques used in research in criminal justice.
Evaluate criminal justice data with specific reference to a methodological approach.
Explain the principles of your selected approach.
Data Analysis
It is important that you use this step in the process for analyzing the data to determine what it shows, not the meaning of what it shows. In this section, you must

Describe how you analyzed the data.
Explain the conclusions drawn from the data analysis.
Explain the inferences drawn from your data analysis.
Finally, in this section, you must

Identify and discuss the findings of your research study.
Examine justifiable conclusions and inferences resulting from the data analysis.
Explain the methodologies and statistical techniques used in research in criminal justice.
Apply scientific methodology to answer a criminal justice research question.
Summarize the entirety of your study by restating the purpose and consolidated outcomes of data set selection, data set arrangement, data analysis, and conclusions.

Sample Solution