Response to Part 1 of Adam Curtis’ THE CENTURY OF THE SELF

(,,DnPmgOR1M048< by answering the following questions (including the sub-questions for each question):
Question 1) Who was Sigmund Freud? What were Freud’s ideas concerning what motivates human behavior, and 155 515 those ideas shape the field of psychoanalysis? Who was Edward Bernays, and what was his relationship to Freud?
(Response to all sub-questions that make up Question .1 must have a minimum 150 0515 000115
Question 2) What were Edward Bernays’ contributions to the U.S. war effort as a propagandist serving U.S. president Woodrow Wilson? After the end of World War I, what specific realization led Bernays to develop strategies to influence the masses during peacetime? Describe the experiment that Bemays developed to persuade women to smoke cigarettes. Why was it effective?
(Response to all sub-questions that make up Question tt2 must have a minimum 1 50 word count)
Question 3) According to experts interviewed in the documentary what did Edward Bernays discover about the relationship between his uncle’s perceptions of intrinsic human behavior and the practice of consuming products? How were Bernay’s techniques used by advertising firms to sell products to the masses, particularly in the U.S. magazine, film and fashion industries? Why are you watching this documentary for Media 1?

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